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August 31st, 2010 | 3 Comments »

Hey everyone, more good news…more new features! Our awesome tech team just released the latest wave of changes, and here is what’s new on as of today.

  1. Fancy User Search – One question that lots of people here seem to have is, “how do I make friends on Quibblo???”. Well, we can’t help you MAKE friends, but we can certainly help you FIND friends more easily. If you take a look at the search box at the top right of (right where it’s always been), and click your mouse in the text area, you’ll see some new options pop up. There are now options to “Find Quizzes” and “Find Users”. Clicking on “Find Users” will give you some neat search options for finding other Quibblo peeps by age, gender, or distance from wherever you are.

    Here is a fancy little video, showing you how it works. Enjoy!

  2. Login/Register With Facebook and More – Now you can log into Quibblo, using Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or even Twitter. Just a note though, the first time you try to login using Facebook, you need to link your Quibblo account and Facebook. So click the “facebook” button on the login screen, and THEN login with your regular email and password. Once the two sites are linked, you can log right in using Facebook every time you come back!
  3. Better Friend Inviting Tools – Quibblo is WAY more fun when your friends are here too, and now you can invite them more easily than ever. When you are logged into your Quibblo account, look for the “Invite My Friends” button under your profile photo (it’s the fourth button down).

    Once you click that button, you can go ahead and invite friends by typing in their emails to the tell-a-friend form, or even importing your address book to invite everyone at once. Or, if you just want to post a link to your Facebook or Twitter page, you can share a special invite link that all of your friends can use to register for Quibblo.

Have fun, and more to come soon (maybe even a save button…)!

August 20th, 2010 | 1 Comment »

Every now and again, spammers seem to sneak onto Quibblo, pretend to be cute girls or rich friends, and send messages to you guys asking for you to contact them at some strange looking email address. Usually it’s because they want to “get to know you better” or have “something really important to tell you”, but don’t believe it, it’s a trick!

To see what one of these messages looks like, click the image below:


So what should you do if you get a message like this? The best way to notify us, is to click over to that users profile, scroll ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM of the page, and then click the “Flag this Profile as Offensive” link. This reports the profile to our moderators and we can check it out and delete the user.

August 12th, 2010 | 12 Comments »

First off, thanks for your patience guys. Our team has been working hard the past couple of weeks, to really build some neat stuff that you have been asking for. And the first wave (yep, there’s more coming) of features and changes are live!

Here is what’s new and changed:

  1. Gifts Have Been Removed - As most of you know, the virtual gifts platform has been removed. We don’t have any immediate plans to bring the gifts back, but sometime in the future this may change. For now though, gifts are fully removed from
  2. Photo Comments – One simple, but cool addition we made, is the addition of comments on photos. We probably should have had this already, but we somehow goofed and left it out last time. But we’ve made it right, and now you can leave comments like “OMG, SO CUTE” on your friend’s photos.
  3. Profile Themes, Photo Galleries, And Top Friends Are All FREE - All of these features are now…well, just that, features. No more pay/premium system. ALL users can now add photo albums, organize top friends, or add profile themes to their profiles, FREE.
  4. A-List, Featured Member, Featured Quiz Changes – Since we removed the pay system, the A-List and Featured Quiz tools no longer make any sense, and as such, both features will be removed. Featured Member will remain, but users will no longer be able to pay for this spot. Quibblo admins will continue to choose and rotate in featured members, so keep creating awesome content, and being a good user, and you might get chosen :)
  5. Make Your Own Profile Themes – The most awesome thing we are adding today, is the ability to make your own profile themes. Now, when you go into the profile theme-ing section, you will see an option to make your own theme (I made myself a Patriots theme). Add a background image, change colors, and make it your own. But remember, with great power, comes great responsibility! Profile images will still be moderated by admins, and if you upload dirty, offensive, or naughty images, they will be removed, and your account may be deleted. So feel free to make some crazy profile themes, just keep them clean.

There is lots more to come soon, and our developers are already sketching out how the next set of features will look (in between wrapping eachother’s desks in tin foil obviously).

Quibblo Developers....hard at work.

So tell your friends to come on and join Quibblo!

August 9th, 2010 | 56 Comments »

Hey everyone! I know that last week, we delivered some BAD news when we let you know that gifting was going to be disabled. But mixed in with that bad news, was the promise of some good news….more cool stuff was going to take its place!

So because I know people are bummed about the gifting, I wanted to make sure I posted a little update on what is coming in the next wave of Quibblo changes.

Later this week, we are going to be doing something super cool, that a ton of people have asked for. We are going to kill of the “Premium” feature system altogether, and make ALL of the themes, and ALL of the cool features, TOTALLY FREE for ALL users.

That means that photo albums, ALL profile themes, and Q-Crew will all be completely free, and will just become part of your profile tools. Things like A-List, paying for featured member, or paying for featured quiz, will be removed completely (they don’t make any sense if there is no pay system!).

Oh, and one more sneak peek at something that I think you guys are going to love. Later this week, you’ll also be able to customize your profile with whatever background image and colors you want, using a nifty little tool that will look a little bit like this (it’s still being built):

Quibblo Custom Theme Tool

Over the next few days, some of the currently “Premium” features might be buggy and not working, so bear with us. But by end of week, everything should be working, more awesome than ever, and TOTALLY FREE!!!!

Thanks for hanging with us, and I PROMISE, cool things are going to keep on coming :)

August 3rd, 2010 | 7 Comments »

As you may or may not have noticed, the gifting system has been disabled on Quibblo as of today. We spent a lot of time listening to users, looking at gifting statistics, and talking internally about what to do with this system, and ultimately we decided that it was time to retire gifting.

But don’t worry, removing gifting only makes room for some cool features that we are rolling out soon. I know, I know…we keep saying “soon”. But bear with us, they really are coming soon. I promise.

If you’ve got any questions on the removal of the gifting system, feel free to message Quibblo and we will help you out with whatever you need.

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