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September 30th, 2010 | 34 Comments »

Quibblo has got a whole bunch of exciting new features for you that we think you’re gonna like.

Save Button

Hooray, the save button is finally here! You can save your work at any point in the writing process and come back to it later. You can find the save button on the bottom right side of your work. To get to your saved work, you can click on the save icon (next to your username and mailbox icon at the top right of the page).

Click "Save as Draft" to save your quiz or story

Stories, Group Stories, Chain Stories

We have so many creative users on Quibblo who enjoy writing stories, so we’re introducing Stories on Quibblo! No more using the Personality Quiz to write your stories, we have three different story types you can choose from.

  • The basic Story, where you can write a story with as many chapters as you like.

For an example of a Story, check out In The Storm’s Eye, by Quibblo user Sakui

  • There’s a Group Story, where you and a friend (or two, or three) can write a story together, passing chapters back and fourth between each other.

For an example of a Group Story, check out Five Poems About Justin Bieber, by Quibblo user Seth.

  • And finally, there’s my favorite, a Chain Story, which is a fun and challenging way to write a story with your Quibblo friends. In a Chain Story, you write a chapter and pass it on to a friend, that friend writes a chapter and passes it on to another friend, then that person writes a chapter and passes it on…and the chain continues!

For an example of a Chain Story, check out the Alphabet Movie Chain Story, by yours truly, Spectacles!

You can start writing stories right now.

New Design for Results and Share

It’s now easier to share your quizzes and quiz results with your friends. We’ve spiffied up the design of our share pages so you can easily share your quizzes and stories with friends outside of Quibblo. You might also notice the result pages look a little different. The new design is more slick and clean.

September 20th, 2010 | 7 Comments »

On Quibblo, we just got our 500,000th new member.   To celebrate the occasion and show our appreciation to all the members who makes Quibblo the great place it is, we took a bunch of profile photos from some of our half million members and made this Quibblo logo mosaic.

Thanks for being a part of Quibblo!

Thanks for being a part of Quibblo!

Click here for full size.  Zoom in to look at individual profile photos.

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