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…but you may not realize it. Many Quibblonians have asked for a spell checker to be integrated into Quibblo, but most of the main browsers already have spell checking enabled. (Internet Explorer users, see the paragraph at the bottom of this post.)

With most browsers, when you make a typo in a text box, you’ll see a red squiggly line beneath the word that your browser thinks is incorrect.

Just use your mouse to right-click on the word to see suggested alternatives, then select the one you meant to type… and voilà!

If the word your browser thinks is a typo is actually correctly spelled and you think you’ll be typing it often, right-click on it and select “Add to dictionary.” That way, you shouldn’t see a red squiggly line for that particular word in the future.

So now there’s no excuse for typos in your quizzes and stories, right? Right?! ;-)

Internet Explorer Users
If you’re using Internet Explorer and you’re not seeing a spell checker, try downloading a free “add on” like Speckie ( Once you run this tool and restart Internet Explorer, you’ll see the same type of spell checking that users with other browsers see. (If you installed Speckie and you don’t see any spell checking, make sure it’s enabled. Click on “Tools,” then on “Manage Add-ons.” Scroll down until you see Speckie Settings. Its status should be “Enabled.”)

Mobile Safari Users
If you’re typing on an iPod or iPhone, the system software will try to autocorrect misspelled words (unless you have that functionality turned off). If you happen to ignore or cancel the system’s spelling suggestion, your misspelled word will be underlined with red dots. If you click on the word, you should see word suggestions to select.


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