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Are you ready? It’s time to unveil Quibblo writing contests — for both stories and quizzes! Since so many of you are such creative writers, we’d like to encourage you to take the challenge and write your hearts out!

Here’s the low down:

  • Every Wednesday, we’ll alternate between a new story or quiz contest, which will be announced in the Quibblo home page “Welcome” box and on this blog.
  • For stories, write an awesome NEW piece around the current contest topic, before the deadline listed. (You’ll have about 2 weeks to write and promote it. Do not enter a story you created prior to the start of the contest.) Make sure it’s at least 600 words (about 8 paragraphs).
  • For quizzes, create a stellar one (with at least 5 questions) on the topic given, before the deadline listed. (You’ll have about 5 days to create and promote it. Do not enter a quiz you created prior to the start of the contest.)
  • In the “Tags” box, make sure you tag your story or quiz with the current contest tag, which we’ll list with each contest. (For example, “SC1” for Story Contest 1 and “QC1″ for Quiz Contest 1.)
    Tag stories and quizzes on Quibblo

Each contest will have 3 winners:

  • The two highest ranking pieces, based on our special formula combining ratings, viewers, and comments (and adhering to the rules above)
  • One wild-card selection chosen by the Quibblo content team, with an emphasis on creativity, compelling writing, and proper grammar and spelling

Winners will be highlighted on the Quibblo home page, potentially reaching over 50,000 active users. What do you think about that kind of exposure?!

Share, share share!

So, it helps to let all your friends know about your story or quiz. But how?

  • When you’ve finished your story or quiz, make sure you tell all your friends about it, both on Quibblo and on other social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter. Share your writing by clicking on the “Send Invitations” button on your story or quiz page:
    Share your stories and quizzes on Quibblo
  • Encourage your friends to rate your work, in addition to reading it.
  • Since we factor in the number of comments, have your friends create accounts and comment on your story or quiz.

Have fun! We’re excited about seeing more of your great writing on Quibblo!


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