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Mental Health Resources at Quibblo

Every now and then, a Quibblo member writes a piece on a serious mental health issue, such as an eating disorder, cutting, or suicide. It makes some sense because many members have a network of friends on Quibblo who can reach out and provide sympathy. However, there are resources that are far more equipped than Quibblo to deal with such weighty topics, and we encourage all of you to take note of them.

Please refer to these resources yourself if you’re in need, or pass them on to a friend. Depending on the severity of the issue, please consider seeking the help of a doctor, therapist, or other mental health professional. Here’s to keeping all Quibblonians healthy and safe!


Eating Disorders




Low Self-Esteem


LGBT Support

Physical Abuse/Domestic Violence

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Abuse/Dating Violence

Teen Pregnancy


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