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Enter Quibblo Story Contest #7

Most of us love food, and many Quibblonians will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving, with its wide assortment of goodies to savor and celebrate. Create a story (600 words or more) on this topic (and rate the current entries):

Tell us about a time (fictional is fine) when you were introduced to a memorable mouthwatering meal, and use your descriptive powers to the max! We want to be salivating by the end.

Extra credit if you finish off your entry with one of your favorite recipes.

Give it an interesting title (don’t include “Quibblo’s Contest,” “QC,” or similar), and remember to:

  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Hit “Enter” twice after every paragraph, for readability
  • Tag it with SC7 and make sure it’s finished
  • Share it with all your friends, both on and off Quibblo

On November 27, we’ll select three winners to showcase on the Quibblo home page. Now, let’s hear about your meal!

Also, please take a look at the entries submitted so far and rate and comment! (Ratings and number of comments go into our formula for selecting winners.)

Deadline: 11:59 pm (EST), Sunday, November 25, 2012.

Story Contest #6 Winners (see topic and all entries)

The Deepest Scars
(by KatzAttack)
The Elemental Mists
(by Clumsy_Gryffindor)
(by _lifegoeson_)

See this post for the details on how winners are selected.

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